MOS Burger

Back when there was still no Freshness Burger, MOS burger reigned supreme. This was my favorite burger place when I worked in Singapore ages ago. The queues were always long as the burgers are freshly prepared.

MOS Burger counter

I had already eaten a full meal from the Siam Paragon food court when I saw the newly opened branch of MOS burger. Did that stop me? Heck no… I excitedly got into line and patiently waited for my turn.

MOS Burger production

The kitchen had a open glass display which seems to be the trend now. You can see how efficiently the staff prepares each order. Very authentic Japanese looking man was overseeing the burger production line.

MOS Burger 2

Make sure to try the MOS Cheeseburger which comes with special chili sauce atop a coating of may. The burger also comes with diced onions, large fresh slice of tomato, and jalapenos.

MOS Burger meal

I ordered a value meal for Baht 145 which had a spicy MOS cheeseburger, small fries and iced tea.

Summary : After trying out Freshness Burger which is the new Japanese burger on the block, I must say that Freshness has a better burger pattie. Very juicy and thick patty from the first bite. MOS has a normal fast food patty but the winner for MOS is the chili sauce and the thing is I’m such a chili person! If I had to choose between a Freshness burger and MOS burger in front of me… I would eat both. Tihihihihi….=D

Rating :  Like It
Food   :  MOS Burger

MOS Burger
Branches around : China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand.


Yaku is a modern designed Japanese place located at the 5th floor of the Podium. It’s all modern minimalistic dark wood and dim lights. Its funny how appearances can really influence a person’s perception. The first time a friend dragged me over to try Yaku three years ago, I had thought Yaku would be expensive since the place was tastefully done but surprisingly prices are reasonable.


Agedashi Php95 – This tofu was soggy! I suddenly remembered that I had ordered this years back and it tasted the same. Left me wondering how someone could botch up plain old agedashi.  I did NOT like this tofu. 

 Tuna Sashimi

Tuna Sashimi Php221 – Top sushi restaurants would have springier tuna sashimi of course but their sashimi quality was good for the price.

 Gindara Yakitori

Gindara Yakitori Php120– Grilled gindara with grated radish on top. Nice sour bite to the fish.


Shisomaki Php116 – Shisho means basil in english. This is grilled chicken with basil leaves on top Interesting mix of flavors.

 Spicy Tuna

Spicy Tuna – Nothing great. There are other places which serve better spicy tuna.

Ebi Teppanyaki

Ebi Teppanyaki Php 293 – Too much butter? Look at the picture, it sure didn’t make the whole look pretty! Prawns were a bit overdone for my taste. The dish has potential though with a little improvement.

Summary : If you’re a Teriyaki Boy fan and want the ambience in the package, then try this place out. Food is at the same level including price range.

Rating : Chance Visitor

Food : Yakitoris -especially the Shisomaki

3rd Level
18 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City, Metro ManilaPhone : 687-5368

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 I was craving for a Japanese burger after I had my Japanese Freshness Burger in Hongkong that I decided it was time to try out Sango burger which was located along Milelong Makati.

I felt like I was transported to a different place when I stepped inside Sango. The place is well-lit and had a Japanese feel into it. Shelves of Japanese books and magazines  lined one wall and there was an LCD TV on another wall airing some Japanese program. There where some Japanese couples lounging around the sofa set placed near the entrance.

Naturally, I ordered the specialty which is the Master Cheeseburger Php 148. The burger came with a thick slice of tomato, chopped white onion mixed with cheese sauce, a slice of cheese and oozing with the special meat sauce. The meat sauce reminded me of sweetish spaghetti sauce. I actually had mixed feelings with my burger. I didn’t like the buns too much. I felt that it was too hollow, had too much air in it.  I have had Japanese burgers before from MOS burger and more recently Freshness burger and my Sango burger tasted different from the other Japanese burgers that I’m used to. I also thought the meat sauce was a bit sweetish. But the burger actually kinda…. grew on me. I finished the whole thing off! It might not be a really great Japanese burger but I’m such a sucker for sloppy joe burgers that I would most probably come back for this again.

Macha Azuki Php75 – green tea soft serve ice cream topped with cornflakes, red bean and two pieces mochi balls. Bit disappointing for me. The green tea ice cream was watery and so didn’t give a creamy taste to my dessert . Kozui’s Anmitsu is way better than this.

Summary : Try this out for an alternative burger to what the normal fast food chains offer.

Rating : Like it

Food   : Burgers!!!

Sango: The Burger Master

Room 5 G/F CreekSide Mall

Amorsolo St. cor Legaspi Vill. Makati


Gindaco is a Japanese franchise specializing in takoyaki. They have a small shop in Causeway Bay, HK which has a really long queue whenever I passed through it. Since I was still in my Kozui addiction phase, I decided to brave the queue and try out their takoyaki balls.


The octopus, diced and mixed with pickled ginger and green onion into battered balls, is fried in a special pan, then finished off with a drizzling of mayonnaise and a sprinkling of shaved dried bonito and aonori (seaweed).

Gindaco uses cast-iron griddles produced in Iwate Prefecture, a material chosen for its excellent heat conduction property. The thickness in the metal prevents a sudden drop in temperature when pouring the cold batter mixture.

The result is takoyaki balls which are crispy on the outside and thick and soft on the inside. Yummm… just how takoyaki balls should taste like!!!


The boat shaped containers for the takoyaki balls apparently has a purpose too!!! The container boats are made from Russian white pines that absorb excess oil. The plastic container has six tiny holes to prevent condensation that could make the takoyaki’s soggy.

For HKD $33, you get six big, crispy takoyaki’s that fill you up in no time. Just watch out for burning your tongue. =P

Summary : Didn’t realize that there was a lot of science behind takoyaki making but Gindaco sure has mastered the art.

Rating : Love It

Food : Takoyaki Balls of course!


Matheson St., Causeway Bay and Shantung St. Mongkok

( The Causeway Bay stall is just across Times Square )

I’ve always been partial to Japanese burgers ever since I tried MOS Burger 10 years ago in Singapore. Compared to American burgers, Jap burgers have better tasting meat patties and seem less oily for me. It also comes with the most interesting chili sauces on the burgers.



I jumped at the chance to try Freshness Burger when I saw the small eatery in Causeway Bay, Hongkong. I ordered the Classic Cheeseburger HKD30 and Den had the Menchi HKD22 which is minced pork burger.

Classic Cheeseburger

Menchi Burger

Yummmm….both burgers were juicy. They came with oh so thick slices of tomatoes which gave a cleaner, fresher taste to the burgers. Had good ol’ fashioned Hongkong Iced Lemon Tea to top it all off.

Rating : Like it
Food : Burgers!!!

Freshness Burger
1st Floor, Windsor House
311 Gloucester Rd, Causeway Bay HK
Tel : 34262833

With the love affair I’m currently having with Kozui Anmitsu, I just have to post a picture of the Kozui Anmitsu Php150. I have had it four times in two weeks and believe me, I live far from Quezon City!  I drive all the way just to have my Anmitsu fix. Anmitsu is basically Japanese Halo-halo and you can have strawberry, mango, taro or melon. I have ordered Melon Anmitsu for the past four times. The melon anmitsu has melon slices, yam (which I totally love!), dango balls ( better version of galapong), pink mashed azuki beans and topped with really really good soft serve green tea ice cream.

Melon Anmitsu

Rating : Love It ( the Anmitsu)

258 Tomas Morato St.
Quezon City
Tel: 413-2705

Its a lazy Sunday. Den and I wanted to bring Bam to Animal House to say thank you to Dr. Anthony for taking good care of Bem when he got sick. Being in the QC area, we decided to try out Kozui along Tomas Morato. Kozui is a Japanese cafe whose motto is ‘Its Healthy to go Green’ . The green motif makes you feel like you’re having something healthy and feel good about having a meal in the place.

Kozui - It’s Healthy to Go Green

Kozui cakes

The cafe has a tempting list of green tea varieties to choose from. I opted for the korichio drink since it looked the yummiest on the menu board.

Macho Melon Korichio Tall

Macho Melon Korichio Tall Php120. I went for the melon and found it really refreshing. I’m not a frappe fan since I find frappe’s too thick and fattening. Frappe’s usually make more thirsty but this was really good though. The melon made the frappe refreshing and light.

Karaage Chicken Wrap Php158

Karaage Chicken Wrap Php158 – Deef fried breaded chicken with lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber  and Japanse black sesame dressing in toasted pita bread. Very interesting  take on wraps. This was quite good. Thie chicken was crispy and the dressing was interesting. The oil used on the chicked was a bit rancid though. I could taste it when biting on the chicken. I hope they would stop reusing the oil! I would want to try the Tofu and Veggie wrap next time.

 Takoyaki Balls

I always had a love affair with samurai balls. I just can’t resist buying from any food cart which sells them in the shopping mall. There’s something about th combination of the samurai ball with japanese mayo and bonito flakes which does it for me. The Kozui Special Takoyaki Php98 is filled with chunks of ika, ebi and egi (squid, shrimp and asian leeks).  I wish the batter of the takoyaki balls be improved to make it softer and creamier though.

We really wanted to try the Anmitsu which looks like a Japanese halo-halo but we were too full. We would definitely come back to try this though. Overall, I enjoyed Kozui a lot. It’s different and an interesting concept from the coffee and tea cafe’s we have around the metro. It’s a good place if you’re looking for something light. Food selection is good and gives you a healthy feel. The extensive list of green tea beverages from iced green teas to macho’s (frappes) will also make any thirsty chap leaving satisfied.

Rating : Like It

Food : Korichio Drinks

Kozui Green Tea Cafe

258 Tomas Morato St.

Quezon City

Tel : 413-2705