Yaku is a modern designed Japanese place located at the 5th floor of the Podium. It’s all modern minimalistic dark wood and dim lights. Its funny how appearances can really influence a person’s perception. The first time a friend dragged me over to try Yaku three years ago, I had thought Yaku would be expensive since the place was tastefully done but surprisingly prices are reasonable.


Agedashi Php95 – This tofu was soggy! I suddenly remembered that I had ordered this years back and it tasted the same. Left me wondering how someone could botch up plain old agedashi.  I did NOT like this tofu. 

 Tuna Sashimi

Tuna Sashimi Php221 – Top sushi restaurants would have springier tuna sashimi of course but their sashimi quality was good for the price.

 Gindara Yakitori

Gindara Yakitori Php120– Grilled gindara with grated radish on top. Nice sour bite to the fish.


Shisomaki Php116 – Shisho means basil in english. This is grilled chicken with basil leaves on top Interesting mix of flavors.

 Spicy Tuna

Spicy Tuna – Nothing great. There are other places which serve better spicy tuna.

Ebi Teppanyaki

Ebi Teppanyaki Php 293 – Too much butter? Look at the picture, it sure didn’t make the whole look pretty! Prawns were a bit overdone for my taste. The dish has potential though with a little improvement.

Summary : If you’re a Teriyaki Boy fan and want the ambience in the package, then try this place out. Food is at the same level including price range.

Rating : Chance Visitor

Food : Yakitoris -especially the Shisomaki

3rd Level
18 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City, Metro ManilaPhone : 687-5368

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