Little Lamb

Box Hill is like a mini-Chinatown. It has so many authentic looking Asian restaurants in the area which are cheap, cheery and authentic. Little Lamb is a particularly busy place because it has a $20 hot pot buffet. It’s name is probably inspired by the popular Little Sheep Hot Pot chain in China. It is close to impossible to get a seat on weekends without prior bookings.

Little Lamb Broth  Sze Chuan Broth

You can select from a clear broth or the sze chuan broth . Don’t be too intimidated by the red color of the sze chuan broth. It look spicier than it tastes of. My lips and tongue didn’t go numb which is my gauge for spiciness.

Little Lamb Meat

You can order all the meat you want.

Little Lamb Veggies

More expensive items such as the prawns , oyster mushrooms can be ordered once. The rest  of items such as assorted fish and prawn balls, veggies, noodles are unlimited.

Taro Pancake

Your $20 also buys you dessert! There is the taro or redbean pancake which is extremely oily and taste just like tikoy (Chinese New Year Cake/ Nian Gao). It’s pretty good though. Just wash down all the oiliness with the free tea.

Glutinous Rice Balls

This glutinous rice balls are my favorite though. Soft and chewy with peanut or black sesame filling inside. I totally got addicted to these chewy balls and I’m craving to go back to Little Lamb again just for this!

Summary : Defnitely good value for the money. I would come back here again and again for my hot pot fix especially this winter season!

Rating :  Love it
Food   :  Hot pot

Little Lamb Hot Pot
Whitehorse Road, Box Hill
Tel : 98909854