I was craving for a Japanese burger after I had my Japanese Freshness Burger in Hongkong that I decided it was time to try out Sango burger which was located along Milelong Makati.

I felt like I was transported to a different place when I stepped inside Sango. The place is well-lit and had a Japanese feel into it. Shelves of Japanese books and magazines  lined one wall and there was an LCD TV on another wall airing some Japanese program. There where some Japanese couples lounging around the sofa set placed near the entrance.

Naturally, I ordered the specialty which is the Master Cheeseburger Php 148. The burger came with a thick slice of tomato, chopped white onion mixed with cheese sauce, a slice of cheese and oozing with the special meat sauce. The meat sauce reminded me of sweetish spaghetti sauce. I actually had mixed feelings with my burger. I didn’t like the buns too much. I felt that it was too hollow, had too much air in it.  I have had Japanese burgers before from MOS burger and more recently Freshness burger and my Sango burger tasted different from the other Japanese burgers that I’m used to. I also thought the meat sauce was a bit sweetish. But the burger actually kinda…. grew on me. I finished the whole thing off! It might not be a really great Japanese burger but I’m such a sucker for sloppy joe burgers that I would most probably come back for this again.

Macha Azuki Php75 – green tea soft serve ice cream topped with cornflakes, red bean and two pieces mochi balls. Bit disappointing for me. The green tea ice cream was watery and so didn’t give a creamy taste to my dessert . Kozui’s Anmitsu is way better than this.

Summary : Try this out for an alternative burger to what the normal fast food chains offer.

Rating : Like it

Food   : Burgers!!!

Sango: The Burger Master

Room 5 G/F CreekSide Mall

Amorsolo St. cor Legaspi Vill. Makati