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 Flying back home to Manila for two weeks. My last PAL meal going to Bangkok was horrendous and I had low expectations for this flights meal. I was pleasantly surprised to have decent food.

PAL June 08 Lunch

This was a beef stroganoffy type of preparation and it wasn’t that bad for economy food. On the long haul flights, the meal also comes with the whipped butter and cheese and crackers which I like most from the meal tray.

PAL June 08 Snack

This is the usual pizza bread and sandwich which PAL serves as a snack on long haul flights. I actually like this and I’m fine with having this on every long haul flight rather than the straight from the fridge cold adobo roll which they also serve as a snack.

My favorite is the Anzac biscuit which they include on MNL – AUS flights. The combination of oats and dessicated coconut in a not too sweet biscuit makes the Anzac my favorite type of biscuit.


I’ve lived in Sydney for two years and love the city dearly. This time, I would be staying for awhile in Melbourne and though it does not have the famed harbour and opera house which greets me everytime the plane comes in to land, I’m sure Melbourne would have it’s own charms. Melbourne is renowned for its food and shopping and I am looking forward to exploring her nooks and crannies.

 Melbourne early morning
Melbourne city early morning.

Yarra River 
Yarra river – looks so charming and peaceful. This is actually in the city.

 Melbourne trams
Melbourne’s famed trams – the new solar-powered ones

 Melbourne at dusk
Melbourne at dusk

 Melbourne trams
The leaves have nearly all fallen, it’s officially winter now.

On my Manila to Melbourne flight, I got upgraded on the Manila – HK leg of my trip. Yey! Being a loyal CX frequent flier does come handy as it increases the chances for flight upgrades.

CX MNL - MLB Breakfast 

Sigh… the two hour HK trip seemed much shorter as I enjoyed my roomy seat. I enjoyed the dimsum platter for the in-flight breakfast.

 CX MNL - MLB Lunch

On my HK – Melbourne leg… where are the ceramic plates!!! Back to reality and plasticware.

 CX MNL - MLB Dinner

Noodles were better than my Pineapple Chicken dish for dinner.

Summary : Cathay Pacific’s meals are decent enough. Business class meals would of course be good since you’re paying top pesos for your seat. My experience with their economy class meals have been passable. Chinese dishes I have had would be prepared better than continental dishes like a generic chicken or fish dish. I normally would choose noodles and pile on the chili sauce to give flavor to my meal.

Here’s a related post on a Philippine Airlines flight I took. Share your plane food stories.

Travelling and eating my way around the Philippines.

My Lakbayan grade is C+!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

The Miele Guide is a project of Aun Koh (Chubby Hubby ) and wife S. from Singapore. The Miele Guide aims to be Asia’s first truly independent regional restaurant guide. The Miele Guide will evaluate restaurants in 16 Asian countries—Brunei, Cambodia, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

 Miele Guide

Photo from Chubby Hubby’s blog

This project came about as most restaurant guides are western-centric. The Miele Guide will put together a list of the best restaurants from the region. In the first round, the restaurants are shortlisted by Asia’s top restaurant critics. The second round of evaluation depends on our participation so vote now!

 Miele Vote

Each voter has 10 votes with 3 votes allowed from the home country. Help promote the Philippine’s culinary excellence and vote.

Just take note that a visa card is required to register. Upon registration, the form requires the first six digits of your visa card. Some people might get apprehensive about this but it should be safe as it’s only the first six digits.

Voting is open from now until July 31, 2008 at

In the Philippines, I voted for Lolo Dad’s, Antonio’s and Cafe Juanita. What’s your vote?

I love New Zealand. Not only has it been most beautiful country I have travelled to so far, but it has such fresh food and the BEST and consistent coffee around.

NZ coffee

I though the Sydney cafes served pretty good coffee. There might be a bum day when you’re not lucky enough and find a cafe which serves a weak cup but the cafes around New Zealand have been so consistent in serving a good cup.

This is not just my opinion though as my Aussie friend had also declared it. She ordered a weak latte and she said that her latte didn’t taste watery at all like most weak lattes she gets. It had the coffee taste in it and the smooth creaminess of the milk. I had my regular flat white. My flat white was strong and full-bodied. I can taste the flavor of the coffee in my mouth without being burnt combining with the creaminess of the milk. Heavennnnnn……

Feijoa drink    Feijoa fruitPhoto from wikipedia

Another drink which I discovered was Feijoa. I saw my Kiwi friend having a bottle and it immediately piqued my interest. Feijoa I learned is pineapple guava.

Maranui Cafe  Savoury muffin

I was also on the lookout for savoury muffins the moment my plane landed in Wellington.Savoury muffins are something I discovered in New Zealand and I just love them. I’m a light breakfast eater and not really the bacon and eggs type of person. This was just the right breakkie for me. Savoury muffins are actually muffins which have ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes, feta and herbs.

NZ Broccoli  NZ corn

Main reason why the food in New Zealand is so good is because of how fresh the produce are. Vegetables of vibrant greens and yellows, crispy lettuce leaves for salads, fresh fish from the sea.

Honey Kiwi Ice Cream

On the flight back, I was served Honey Kiwi ice cream for the dessert. Sweetish taste of honey with a tinge of tartness from the kiwi. Nice.

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