There are days when I crave for food that is light and healthy. Food that gives you a feel good all over feeling after the meal. And on this Sunday, we decided it’s about time we tried Greens over at Quezon City.

Greens is located on Scout Castor which is just a small street along T. Morato. It is a house converted into a restaurant with greeenery covering the facade making it look homey.

Greens signage

The inside has a calming ambience and sun streaming in from the windows.

Greens facade

The menu is quite interesting. Aside from the salads, it had all sorts of gluten meat prepared in different ways. When I go vegetarian, I go for real veggies though and am not really crazy over gluten dishes and so opted for the classic veggie dishes.

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup – Made of pumpkin puree with no cream. The waitress also handed over the salt and pepper shakers. I should have picked up immediately what the shakers meant. The soup was quite tasteless. Very bland, just plain puree like baby food.

Trio of Appetizers

Trio of appetizers – Chicharon, cheesesticks and fried mushrooms Php80 – Good ol’ chicharon. The fried mushrooms were terrible though. Very oily with no taste. Redeeming piece would be the cheesestick which is like a big penne with a creamy filling on the inside.

Tofu and Mushroom Kebab

Tofu and mushroom Kebab Php 105 – Expecting the worst after having the soup and appetizer disappoint us, the tofu and mushroom kebab was a nice surprise. Not only did it looked good, it tasted good though. There were tofu, mushrooms, green bell pepper and zucchini pieced together in two skewers and grilled nicely with a nice teriyaki sauce over it and served with brown rice.

Summary – I was pretty disappointed with my Greens experience. Two out of three dishes miss ratio is quite high. The soup and appetizer’s were not even so-so, they were on borderline terrible.  The tofu and mushroom kebab was quite nice but not something I would go out of my way for to visit the place again.

Food : Tofu and Mushroom Kebab
Rating : Chance Visitor

92 Sct Castor South Triangle
Quezon City
Tel 4154796, 4102440