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Bagoong Club

Bagoong Club

Bagoong or shrimp paste is made from tiny fermented shrimps. Flavour is then added by sauteing the shrimp paste with various condiments. Bagoong is very much part of Filipino cooking and well loved by Filipinos.
Traditional Bagoong with Singkamas

Traditional Bagoong with Singkamas

Bagong Lipunan – Traditional Bagoong with Singkamas is served instead of the usual complimentary bread.


Bulalo sa Monggo

Bulalo sa Monggo

Bulalo sa Mongo Php 250 – The beef broth mixed well with the flavor of the monggo. Really really good soup. Must order this dish.

Crispy Pork Binagoongan

Crispy Pork Binagoongan

Crispy Pork Binagoongan Php 220 – The pork was very tender and crispy on the outside.
Bagoong Varieties

Bagoong Varieties

Bagoong Umaga Php15, Bagoong Club Special ( has crab fat ) Php 15, Bagoong Europa Php 25 – For a restaurant named Bagoong club, the bagoong itself wasn’t anything special. They lacked flavours which comes from sauteing shrimp paste with various spices. The bagoong Europa was an interesting variation though since it mixed shrimp paste with pesto.

Pastillas de Leche Cheesecake

Pastillas de Leche Cheesecake

Pastillas de Leche Cheesecake Php 130 by Chef Pixie Sevilla-Santos – It’s like having pastillas in a cake form with a nice biscuit bottom layer.

Rating    : Like It
Food       : Bulalong Monggo

Summary : A very nice concept with a lot of food served using bagoong. The bagoong itself isn’t outstanding but the food is cooked well. Prices are also affordable. A refreshing alternative to the normal Pinoy grill restaurants in the QC area.

Bagoong Club
122 Sct Dr. Lazcano Sacred Heart
Quezon City
Phone : 632 9290544


Pinkberry launched in Los Angeles last 2005 ignited the current fro-yo craze. There are now a handful of frozen yogurt shops sprouting up in Metro Manila like Yoh-gurt Froz, Cold Spoon and I Love Berries .

Another fro-yo shop which is found along Tomas Morato is Yogurbud. They also serve Yogurt salad and yogurt cakes. The yogurt salads and cakes were not available so we were only able to try the yogurt ice cream.

 Yogurbud sign

Yogurbud machine

Sberries and cornflakes yogurbud

 You can select from different toppings of fresh fruits to chocolate bits. I had strawberries and cornflakes on mine. The only other yogurt ice cream I’ve tried is Yoh-gurt Froz and Yogurbud tasted different. Yogurbud is different to Yoh-gurt Froz in the sense that it is closer to a sorbet texture and tangy while Yoh-gurt Froz is creamier with dairy notes prevalent in the taste. Yogurbud is an acquired taste as it is sour but tastes better though with every spoonful.

Rating : Like It

Grnd floor, 170 Tomas Morato Ave
cnr. Scout Castor, Qc

Five Cows Resto and Ice Cream Bar is a concept restaurant located at the Cinema level of Trinoma Mall.  There are five owners and most of the items served in the resto are dairy products which is why the name FIVE COWS. The place itself looks cozy with its white-washed rustic interiors.



Prawn Bisque Php 80 – Nothing much to say… it’s okay for an 80 peso shrimp bisque.


Lamborghini Php 275 – Honey wheat bread, shredded lamb chops, lettuce, onions tomatoes, mozzarella.

This sandwich is a bit on the dry side. A bit of butter, salt and pepper wouldn’t hurt.


Ferrero crunch supreme Php 180 – Classic vanilla ice cream mixed with crunchy bits and choco hazelnut filing .

I’m not a Nestle ice cream fan so it’s difficult for me to like any of the Five Cows desserts which has ice cream in it, no matter how clever the concoctions / presentations are. To be fair, the mix of coco crunch, hazelnut with the ice cream was good. I just didn’t like the taste of the ice cream itself.

 Summary : Kids and kids at heart would enjoy Five Cows. This is ice cream heaven for them.The kids can also watch their ice cream being mixed with the add-ons such as nuts, chocolate, marshmallow on to of a icy marble slab. They have such a eye-catching dessert menu of ice creams and cakes. No surprise, since the owners also own Nestle Ice Cream house in Aurora Boulevard. Ice cream desserts are what they do best.

Rating    :   Chance Visitor
Food      :   Pick an ice cream concoction which interests you just for the experience

Five Cows
4th Level, Ayala Trinoma Mall
North Avenue cor. EDSA Quezon City
Tel  :  901 3948


Tokyo Bubble Tea made me feel like I’m in a Japanese eatery. It was small inside and Japanese pop music was being played. It was the type of place that Japanese kids would probably hang out at in Japan. Aside from the various milk and iced teas on the menu board, they also had modern Japanese food from curry dishes, dorias ( baked rice casseroles), udons,  sandwiches and burgers. They had a counter displaying Japanese cakes such as strawberry green tea cake but the presentation wasn’t too enticing.

Tokyo Bubble Tea

 Seafood Doria

 Seafood Doria Php 188 – Creamy seafood baked pasta dish. It seems that quality was compromised for the sake of price.  The taste was nearly there but fell short.

 Strawberry Black Tea

Strawberry  Black Tea Php65 – They should have made the black tea stronger. This was a watered down version.


Royal Milk Tea Php80 – This is very good and less sweet than Quickly. There was a freshness to the drink since it’s made from freshly brewed tea. It was also light since it went through their ‘shaking’ contraption above. The pearls were also cooked just right and chewy.

Summary : This eatery gives you a glimpse on what modern Japanese food would taste like. Come here for the royal milk tea.

Rating : Chance Visitor

Food     : The drink actually, royal milk tea.

Tokyo Bubble Tea

SM Megamall Ground Level Building A &

SM North Edsa The Block Ground Level

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With the love affair I’m currently having with Kozui Anmitsu, I just have to post a picture of the Kozui Anmitsu Php150. I have had it four times in two weeks and believe me, I live far from Quezon City!  I drive all the way just to have my Anmitsu fix. Anmitsu is basically Japanese Halo-halo and you can have strawberry, mango, taro or melon. I have ordered Melon Anmitsu for the past four times. The melon anmitsu has melon slices, yam (which I totally love!), dango balls ( better version of galapong), pink mashed azuki beans and topped with really really good soft serve green tea ice cream.

Melon Anmitsu

Rating : Love It ( the Anmitsu)

258 Tomas Morato St.
Quezon City
Tel: 413-2705

There are days when I crave for food that is light and healthy. Food that gives you a feel good all over feeling after the meal. And on this Sunday, we decided it’s about time we tried Greens over at Quezon City.

Greens is located on Scout Castor which is just a small street along T. Morato. It is a house converted into a restaurant with greeenery covering the facade making it look homey.

Greens signage

The inside has a calming ambience and sun streaming in from the windows.

Greens facade

The menu is quite interesting. Aside from the salads, it had all sorts of gluten meat prepared in different ways. When I go vegetarian, I go for real veggies though and am not really crazy over gluten dishes and so opted for the classic veggie dishes.

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup – Made of pumpkin puree with no cream. The waitress also handed over the salt and pepper shakers. I should have picked up immediately what the shakers meant. The soup was quite tasteless. Very bland, just plain puree like baby food.

Trio of Appetizers

Trio of appetizers – Chicharon, cheesesticks and fried mushrooms Php80 – Good ol’ chicharon. The fried mushrooms were terrible though. Very oily with no taste. Redeeming piece would be the cheesestick which is like a big penne with a creamy filling on the inside.

Tofu and Mushroom Kebab

Tofu and mushroom Kebab Php 105 – Expecting the worst after having the soup and appetizer disappoint us, the tofu and mushroom kebab was a nice surprise. Not only did it looked good, it tasted good though. There were tofu, mushrooms, green bell pepper and zucchini pieced together in two skewers and grilled nicely with a nice teriyaki sauce over it and served with brown rice.

Summary – I was pretty disappointed with my Greens experience. Two out of three dishes miss ratio is quite high. The soup and appetizer’s were not even so-so, they were on borderline terrible.  The tofu and mushroom kebab was quite nice but not something I would go out of my way for to visit the place again.

Food : Tofu and Mushroom Kebab
Rating : Chance Visitor

92 Sct Castor South Triangle
Quezon City
Tel 4154796, 4102440

The whole family trooped to Yohgurt Froz after our Nasi Lemak dinner. Nasi Lemak had run out of desserts! I guess it was a much more busier night than usual. Yohgurt Froz has a small standalone store in the middle of the parking lot. Off we went just to get our sugar fix.


You have to choose among the selections of fruits and chocolates on what to mix with the basic vanilla yohgurt. I chose good ol’ stratwberry. No expectations whatsoever on how their ice cream tasted like. Oh sorry, Yohgurt i mean! And it’s really good. It was light and tasted of strawberries. I had my sugar fix without all the guilt that of ice cream laden with calories. We’ve tried cookies and cream, coconut and melon too. A small cup costs Php50 and the big cup costs Php80.

Yoh-gurt Froz                                                                                                                         

Thompson Square, Tomas Morato

Quezon City

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