Red Bean KitKat

Red Bean KitKat

I’m having a KitKat moment…. Been taking a break this past month.

Need to get back into blogging. Not that easy to squeeze in blogging after moving to another country, taking a mini-holiday, transferring to another state, getting a new job plus doing all the household stuff that I normally don’t do back in Manila.

In the meantime, the restaurant posts have been piling up, so yes, I will try to make my KitKat moment short!!

Apple and Green Tea KitKat

Apple and Green Tea KitKat

Green Tea KitKat

Green Tea KitKat

Some very interesting KitKat flavors I have discovered in the Asian grocery in Melbourne. These chocolates have been manufactured for the Japanese market.  Aren’t they the coolest?!!

We saw this small yogurt place in Clark while driving along Fields Avenue where most of the restaurants are found.
Haven Yogurt Exterior

Haven Yogurt Exterior

I’m not sure why the name has been whitewashed from the signboard. It might have been a different yogurt shop before.

 Haven Yogurt Interiors

As with other fro-yo shops, you can pick your topping for your frozen yogurt. Toppings range from cereals, chocolate pieces to Comstock preserved fruits.
Haven Yogurt

Haven Yogurt

 Rating  : Love It

Summary : I really liked this yogurt. It had the right balance of being creamy and tangy at the same time. I liked their strawberry yogurt. Not all the fro-yo shops in Manila have flavoured yogurts. When in the Clark area, do try out this little fro-yo shop.

Haven Yogurt
Fields Avenue
Beside The Maharajah Hotel and R&B Jazz Bar

Gelato is Italian ice cream.

The rise in gelato’s popularity has a lot to do with fat and air. Gelato is made mainly with milk rather than cream and contains 7-8% butterfat depending on the ingredients.  In ice-cream, the fat comes from butterfat and cream, up to 18% since more cream is used.

The second difference between gelato and ice cream is its air content. Air gets whipped into ice cream as it churns much in the same way cream becomes whipped cream. Gelato, however, because it is made with milk rather than cream, does not expand. The high density of gelato allows for a higher intensity of flavor per bite. For this reason, high quality but subtle flavors like hazelnut and tiramisu are available to you in gelato but not in ice cream.

Trampoline is a popular gelato chain in Melbourne.

Trampoline interiors

The shop itself is fun and bright

Among all their yummy sounding flavors, my favorite is hazelnut roche since I’m such a hazelnut fan.

Trampoline flavors

Some of Trampoline’s flavors on display : Green Tea and Grape, Lime Pie, Coffee caramel, Strawberry, Chocolate Nougat, Spiced choc, Passionfruit and Yoghurt

Trampoline cone

A scoop of Spotty Dog ( chocolate ice cream with chocolate specks ) and Espresso.

Summary : Get inside a gelato shop and go crazy trying out the unique flavors.

Branches all around melbourne

San Churro interiors

San Churro is a spanish chocolate store which sells everything from hot chocolate, churros, handmade chocolates, chocolate shakes to ice cream.

San Churro shelves

The place itself was cozily done in wood and has shelves selling chocolate products and gift baskets.

San Churro chocolates San Churro Cakes

The handmade chocolates and cakes were very tempting but I ordered what seemed to be the ‘classic’ Spanish chocolate desserts, a hot chocolate and the churros.

Budha Baci

Budha Baci Aud5.20 – Hot chocolate infused with hazelnut. This is supposed to be rich and velvety. My cup wasn’t though. It just tasted of chocolate drinking powder.

San Churro churros

Spanish Hot Churros Aud 7.90 – The churros were burnt! The dark chocolate dip was lovely though.

Summary : A chocolate lover’s dream. Different kinds of chocolate choices for the chocoholic. There’s even a chocolate tasting platter. Nice concept and ambience for hanging out with friends. Quality seems to be erratic as my hot chocolate was not rich enough and I got a plateful of burnt churros. I would re-visit to try their other stuff and hopefully my plateful of churros won’t be burnt the next time around. I’m steering clear of the hot chocolate next time though.

Rating : Chance visitor
Food   : Churros with 3 types of chocolate dips

Chocolateria San Churros
Several branches in Melbourne and Sydney

Charcoal Roasted Coffee 

This charming coffee shop is found in the center of the Tiendesitas food village. I enjoy dropping by this place whenever I’m in Tiendesitas ( for dog stuff =) ) to have a cup of local coffee and a snack.

The shop sells four types of brews – Kalinga, Tagaytay, Malay Balay and Kanlaon. I always go for the strongest brew, Kalinga. It’s a good cup to enjoy with a pick of their homemade snacks.

                     CRC Cookies 

CRC cupcakes CRC Croissant

               CRC Ensaymada

My perfect Tiendesitas snack. Ensaymada with Guava jam and Cream Cheese Php50 with Kalinga coffee Php50.

Summary : Charcoal Roasted Coffee is a welcome sight in Tiendesitas among the row of inihaw kiosks which offer the same kind of food. They serve local coffee beans and enjoying a cup of their brew also help support the local Philippine coffee industry.

Food   : Local coffee and Ensaymada with Guava jam =D
Rating :  Like It

Charcoal Roasted Coffee
Tiendesitas Food Village

There was a Korean Grocery Store right across Minato. We browsed around while waiting for our food.

Korean Grocery Aisle

Korean Grocery          Korean Breadcrumb Packs

Rows and rows of Korean items. From Toiletries, Biscuits, Junk Food, Cooking ingredients like potato flour, breadcrumbs, pancake mixes etc.

Fish Ice Cream Packs   Fish Ice Cream

I came out with a fish ice cream. Picked it just because it looked weird. The wafer tasted like communion wafers. Fish-shaped wafer cone wrapped around vanilla ice cream and a layer of red bean. Not  a bad dessert for Php 40 bucks.

Buco Pandan in Container

I’ve never gotten tired of Nathaniel’s Buco Pandan, the main reason being I seldom get to eat it. hehehehe

It’s not every week or month that super nice titas come back from a Pampanga visit and bring back 3 gallons just for us.


Nathaniel's Buco Pandan

Strips of buco and pandan jelly with the creaminess of carabao milk, frozen. Heavennn…

Rating : Love it

Km 69 Olongapo-Gapan Road, Dolores City, San Fernando Pampanga

***Good news for all addicts of Nathaniel’s goodies, you can now get your fix in Manila! ( thanks Cassidy!)

#39 Talayan Street, Talayan Village, Q.C.
Tel – +632 7125318  Call in advance so that your order can be prepared ahead.

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