Gelato is Italian ice cream.

The rise in gelato’s popularity has a lot to do with fat and air. Gelato is made mainly with milk rather than cream and contains 7-8% butterfat depending on the ingredients.  In ice-cream, the fat comes from butterfat and cream, up to 18% since more cream is used.

The second difference between gelato and ice cream is its air content. Air gets whipped into ice cream as it churns much in the same way cream becomes whipped cream. Gelato, however, because it is made with milk rather than cream, does not expand. The high density of gelato allows for a higher intensity of flavor per bite. For this reason, high quality but subtle flavors like hazelnut and tiramisu are available to you in gelato but not in ice cream.

Trampoline is a popular gelato chain in Melbourne.

Trampoline interiors

The shop itself is fun and bright

Among all their yummy sounding flavors, my favorite is hazelnut roche since I’m such a hazelnut fan.

Trampoline flavors

Some of Trampoline’s flavors on display : Green Tea and Grape, Lime Pie, Coffee caramel, Strawberry, Chocolate Nougat, Spiced choc, Passionfruit and Yoghurt

Trampoline cone

A scoop of Spotty Dog ( chocolate ice cream with chocolate specks ) and Espresso.

Summary : Get inside a gelato shop and go crazy trying out the unique flavors.

Branches all around melbourne