San Churro interiors

San Churro is a spanish chocolate store which sells everything from hot chocolate, churros, handmade chocolates, chocolate shakes to ice cream.

San Churro shelves

The place itself was cozily done in wood and has shelves selling chocolate products and gift baskets.

San Churro chocolates San Churro Cakes

The handmade chocolates and cakes were very tempting but I ordered what seemed to be the ‘classic’ Spanish chocolate desserts, a hot chocolate and the churros.

Budha Baci

Budha Baci Aud5.20 – Hot chocolate infused with hazelnut. This is supposed to be rich and velvety. My cup wasn’t though. It just tasted of chocolate drinking powder.

San Churro churros

Spanish Hot Churros Aud 7.90 – The churros were burnt! The dark chocolate dip was lovely though.

Summary : A chocolate lover’s dream. Different kinds of chocolate choices for the chocoholic. There’s even a chocolate tasting platter. Nice concept and ambience for hanging out with friends. Quality seems to be erratic as my hot chocolate was not rich enough and I got a plateful of burnt churros. I would re-visit to try their other stuff and hopefully my plateful of churros won’t be burnt the next time around. I’m steering clear of the hot chocolate next time though.

Rating : Chance visitor
Food   : Churros with 3 types of chocolate dips

Chocolateria San Churros
Several branches in Melbourne and Sydney