Buco Pandan in Container

I’ve never gotten tired of Nathaniel’s Buco Pandan, the main reason being I seldom get to eat it. hehehehe

It’s not every week or month that super nice titas come back from a Pampanga visit and bring back 3 gallons just for us.


Nathaniel's Buco Pandan

Strips of buco and pandan jelly with the creaminess of carabao milk, frozen. Heavennn…

Rating : Love it

Km 69 Olongapo-Gapan Road, Dolores City, San Fernando Pampanga

***Good news for all addicts of Nathaniel’s goodies, you can now get your fix in Manila! ( thanks Cassidy!)

#39 Talayan Street, Talayan Village, Q.C.
Tel – +632 7125318  Call in advance so that your order can be prepared ahead.