The Siam Paragon supermarket is a must visit tourist destination for me and for foodies, this is supermarket heaven. The supermarket layout is done really well. The fresh food section has fruits from all over the world from Japanese strawberries to Iranian figs. You can also find Thai food and delicacies like 10 different kinds of shrimp pastes (bagoong), Assorted seafood balls, Thai tamarinds, Thai biscuits… you name it, you can find it here. I spent hours roaming the aisles of food trying to figure out what to bring home. Best of all, there are ‘free taste’s’ for most of the items. Joy oh joy!

 Salad rolls
Salad rolls 




Dried Fruits
Dried fruits – Tomato, Orange peel, Mango & Pineapple

 Dried Mangoes
Dried mangoes                                      

 Who said there was a rice shortage!!??

Special milled rice
Special milled rice

 Shrimp paste

Shrimp pastes 

Strange fruit 1
Strange fruit 1

Japan apples
Japanese apples

 Japan Strawberries
Japanese strawberries

Strange vegetable

Strange vegetable                          


Fresh seafood       


Summary : Drop by the Siam Paragon supermarket. Some strange foods I’ve tried for the first time : Milk corn drink (eeww), Mulberry juice and plum paste. The foodcourt is also bliss. A must visit!!! Free visit, free tastes… take some goodies home.

Rating : Love It

Siam Paragon
Location : Next to Siam Centre, Pathumwan
BTS         : Siam


MOS Burger

Back when there was still no Freshness Burger, MOS burger reigned supreme. This was my favorite burger place when I worked in Singapore ages ago. The queues were always long as the burgers are freshly prepared.

MOS Burger counter

I had already eaten a full meal from the Siam Paragon food court when I saw the newly opened branch of MOS burger. Did that stop me? Heck no… I excitedly got into line and patiently waited for my turn.

MOS Burger production

The kitchen had a open glass display which seems to be the trend now. You can see how efficiently the staff prepares each order. Very authentic Japanese looking man was overseeing the burger production line.

MOS Burger 2

Make sure to try the MOS Cheeseburger which comes with special chili sauce atop a coating of may. The burger also comes with diced onions, large fresh slice of tomato, and jalapenos.

MOS Burger meal

I ordered a value meal for Baht 145 which had a spicy MOS cheeseburger, small fries and iced tea.

Summary : After trying out Freshness Burger which is the new Japanese burger on the block, I must say that Freshness has a better burger pattie. Very juicy and thick patty from the first bite. MOS has a normal fast food patty but the winner for MOS is the chili sauce and the thing is I’m such a chili person! If I had to choose between a Freshness burger and MOS burger in front of me… I would eat both. Tihihihihi….=D

Rating :  Like It
Food   :  MOS Burger

MOS Burger
Branches around : China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand.

It’s my third day already in Bangkok and I’m feeling a bit dejected from not having authentic spicy hot tom yum yet. Wyndham is westernized Thai and Vertigo is modern fine dining food. Third on our list to try was Som Boon which is a Thai-Chinese seafood restaurant place.

Forget the ambience when you reach Som Boon. Bright fluorescent lights surround the wide open restaurant. Large aquariums fill up one side showing the bounty from the sea. English menus with pictures are presented so you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong dish.

Since there was only two of us, we quickly zeroed in on the top Thai food picks we were craving for.

  Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong Bht 180 – Placed in a hotpot style dish which continuosly heats the soup, our tom yum just made me break into a large smile….Aaahhh…. hot and sour at the same time with plenty of straw mushrooms and prawns.

 Fried Curry Crab

Fried Curry Crab Bht 220 – Somboon’s specialty of the house, I gleefully spooned curry sauce on my rice and had this with every crab piece. Yumyumyum.

 Grilled Fresh Water Prawns

Grilled Fresh Water Prawns Bht 275 – The prawns perfectly balanced all the spiciness we were having from the tom yum and curry crab.

I was getting into the rhythm of things, a few sips of tom yum…my crab with curry on rice and a biteful of the grilled prawns to cleanse everything out for the next round… what can I say, we left with tummy’s so full, happy and sated. This is definitely a place we will re-visit on future Bangkok trips.

Summary : SomBoon is a Bangkok institution for fresh and reasonably priced seafood. My favorite so far in Bangkok…. hearty, fair priced, no-frills. Can’t wait to go back.
Be careful though, as indicated in the SomBoon website, unscrupulous taxi drivers might take you to a fake SomBoon restaurant so take note of the address. Yes, it’s that popular.

Rating :  Love It
Food   :  Fried curry crab

Address and contact details on link below.
Four branches around Bangkok
SomBoon Seafood website

Vertigo SignVertigo is a bar and restaurant sitting on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree hotel and boasts of the highest bar in the Asia Pacific. The elevators whisks you up to the 59th floor afterwhich you have to manage two narrow staircases to reach Vertigo. The view which opens up once you reach the topmost floor is amazing. It was a clear night and you can see the whole Bangkok cityscape below you. The restaurant was a helicopter pad before and as such, is a narrow place with just the railings to separate you from the edge.


 We opted to try out the degustation menu to have a sampling of Vertigo’s food.

 Vertigo Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche – Melon wrapped in ham ???

 Fresh American Oysters

Fresh American Oyster, Citrus Coriander Mojo – Nice clean taste to the oysters. There was a ‘sea’ taste to the oysters.

 Tuna Tartare

Marinated tuna tartar, Avocado Tomato Sour Cream Salmon Roe

 Javanese Oxtail Soup

Javanese oxtail soup, nutmeg fried shallot

 Foie Gras Creme Brulee

Foie Gras Creme Brulee – Better Foie Gras creme brulee than what we had in Cav. This had the right balance of cream on it.

 Prawns with Pasta

Lemongrass skewer tiger prawns, garlic chili scented angel hair pasta, shitake mushroom – First serving we had was way too salty and we had it returned to the kitchen. Second serving tasted better.

 Vodka Sherbet

Yuzu Vodka Sherbet

 Maine Lobster

Broiled Maine Lobster, Chardonnay cream sauce, truffle potato ravioli, chinese spinach

 Cardammon Rack of Lamb

Cardammon scented oven roasted rack of lamb, green pea puree, meditarranean vegetables

 Black Forest Parfait

Black forest trifle, cherry sorbet

Menu : 3600++ Baht

Summary : One of the must to see places in Bangkok for the experience. Breathtaking views… I felt that I could reach for the stars. Tastefully decorated, dim-lighted that a torch is needed to read the menu. It’s also amusing to have the food cooked a floor below and hurriedly brought to the table covered in those large silver dome covers to keep it from getting cold. The food itself wasn’t anything outstanding, it’s overpriced which you can actually skip. Grab a cocktail or two (which we should have done) and you can enjoy the place away.

Rating  : Love it —> for the ambience, I would go for the cocktails next time
Food    :  Nothing exceptional for the price. Come here and have cocktails to enjoy the view.

Banyan Tree Bangkok
21/100 South Sathon Road
Sathon Bangkok
Tel : +66 2 679 1200

The Wyndham Thai website boasts of fusion cuisne of Thai flavours and Oz flair. We were eager to check out what Thai fusion was about.

 Wyndham Thai Centerpiece

The interiors itself was modern and sophisticated with contemporary paintings adorning the walls and a large golden dragon-like piece as the centerpiece.

 Wyndham Thai

The co-proprietor and host Paul Jackson warmly greeted us and helped pick out our selection from the menu.

 Wyndham appetizer plate

We started off with the appetizers :

Grilled scallop with roasted coconut and lemongrass salad on betel nut leaf, Crispy coconut prawns with a peanut and cucumber dipping sauce, Coconut crepes filled with green papaya salad topped with crab meat and a spicy dressing, Pomelo Salad with fresh thai herbs Bht 600 – The pomelo salad was very good. It had a sweetish honey dressing. Finally a pomelo salad better than People’s Palace.

 Northern style soup

Northern style soup of mushroom, crispy noodle in spicy coconut broth BHT 280 – The soup was overly rich and can already be considered as curry and not soup. We were not able to finish the soup because of it’s richness and I had the start of a sore throat.

 Duck in red curry

Duck breast stuffed with lychee, tomato and red curry PHP 590 – We ordered medium cooked duck. This was overcooked. The duck meat was not flavorful.

Summary : Wyndham Thai has been presented as receiving numerous awards and critical acclaim. I would give it five stars for the ambience, impeccable service and very very friendly host. But the food itself, although using fresh and quality ingredients is quite weak. The appetizer was good but it was downhill after that. The soup was too rich and should not be considered soup at all. The duck breast was overdone and the sauce tasted the same with the soup! The pricing is way too expensive for the cooking offered. I wanted to dearly love the place but it is difficult to from the coconut milk overload.

Rating  : One-nighter
Food    : Appetizer plate

Wyndham Thai
Grnd Floor, Somerset Lake Point
41, Sukhumvit 16, Klong Toei Bangkok
Tel : 02 258 1783

Chatuchak is not only a place for bargain hunters, it is also a bustling place filled with all sorts of Thai fruits and food.

At the Chatuchak foods stalls :

 Chatuchak strawberries 

 Pile of fresh strawberries

Assorted fruit cups

Fresh fruit cups

 Thai coconuts 

 Thai coconuts. Their juice is sweeter than Phil coconuts.  You can get Thai coconuts at the Salcedo food market for Php 30.

Coconut Ice Cream in shell

Coconut Ice cream. My favorite Thai treat. You can buy this off any ice cream vendor in the streets. Look for the shiny silver push carts just like our sorbetes carts. The ice cream is mixed with sticky rice, beans and milk.

 Luk Chup 

  Luk Chup Close-up 

 Luk Chup – Thai marzipan. Made from mung beans, sugar and fres coconut milk. Very pretty, lovely array of colors but they all taste the same (marzipan) =).

 Grilled squid stallGrilled squid

 Grilled squid. Very fresh and tender with shrimp paste and fish sauce dressing

 Chatuchak Pad Thai

 Prawn Pad Thai in Chatuchak. Prawns looked really big but the meat was actually very dry already. Air dried or refrigerated for two weeks shrimps.
Lots of tourists probably fell for this pretty trap and we were one of them! =)

Summary : Thailand has so much street food. Be adventurous. Try out anything. It’s very cheap and would range from BHT 10 – 4.0 Be sure to enjoy trying out a few which you encounter on the streets and markets. It’s the best way to have an authentic Thai experience.

Rating  :  Like It

Food can be found anywhere and everywhere in Bangkok. From grilled barbecues, seafood, meatballs, ice cream, fresh fruits and fruit juice to a complete meal served on the side of the road. I love roaming the Bangkok streets and food court to get a taste of what the locals have everyday.

In the food courts :

 Thai Noodle Stall Thai noodle dish

We found this cart selling noodles at the ground floor of MBK.Fill a plate with noodles, veggies and fishballs and the lady will pour broth of your liking into the pile. Our broth was a  mixture of shrimp paste and fish sauce. Strange noodle dish.

Tom Yum Pot Tom Yum Food Court

It would be sacrilege to visit Thailand without having Tom Yum. This large pot made me break out into a sweat just by looking at it. Sadly, it wasn’t good. Watered down, not enough herbs. Learned my lesson from having my Tom Yum in the food court.

Stuffed Crabs Grilled Chicken

Stuffed Crabs and Grilled chicken ( looks like our inasal …)

Century Egg Crab Balls Salted Egg Crab Balls

Century egg and Salted egg crab balls. Nothing great about these.

Noodle stall close-up Shrimp Balls

Noodle stall. See how beautiful the veggies look displayed in the bilao. Prawn Balls

Crisp fried pork belly Oyster Omelette

Crisp fried pork belly – Thai lechon kawali version. Oyster Omelette – One of my favorites even with all the oil =D.

Mango with Sticky Rice

Mango with coconut and sticky rice. The huge bowl has 3 colors of sticky rice which you can choose from – plain, brown and pandan.