Philippine Airlines held a Thai food festival for the month of April. They had consultant’s from People’s Palace help develop their menu. People’s Palace is my favorite Thai place in Manila and I was actually kind of looking forward to seeing what was in store.

 PAL chicken meal

Chicken meal – This seemed to be chicken in pineapple sauce. Didn’t taste Thai at all. The cake was a buttery sponge cake. Like most PAL desserts served in economy, they pile up on the cream and it’s too sweet. The only edible dish was the salad which was Thai vermicelli salad.

 PAL fish meal

Fish meal – Much worse than the chicken. It looks unappetizing just by looking at it! No color, no taste, overcooked. I didn’t touch my fish meal.

Summary : Philippine airlines has never been known for their food in economy class. I don’t understand why they can’t make the food in coach edible. It’s always been bland or overcooked for me. The Thai food festival menu was much worse!!! I couldn’t even touch my fish. Do share with me your best and worst airline meals -=).

Rating     :   One-nighter