MOS Burger

Back when there was still no Freshness Burger, MOS burger reigned supreme. This was my favorite burger place when I worked in Singapore ages ago. The queues were always long as the burgers are freshly prepared.

MOS Burger counter

I had already eaten a full meal from the Siam Paragon food court when I saw the newly opened branch of MOS burger. Did that stop me? Heck no… I excitedly got into line and patiently waited for my turn.

MOS Burger production

The kitchen had a open glass display which seems to be the trend now. You can see how efficiently the staff prepares each order. Very authentic Japanese looking man was overseeing the burger production line.

MOS Burger 2

Make sure to try the MOS Cheeseburger which comes with special chili sauce atop a coating of may. The burger also comes with diced onions, large fresh slice of tomato, and jalapenos.

MOS Burger meal

I ordered a value meal for Baht 145 which had a spicy MOS cheeseburger, small fries and iced tea.

Summary : After trying out Freshness Burger which is the new Japanese burger on the block, I must say that Freshness has a better burger pattie. Very juicy and thick patty from the first bite. MOS has a normal fast food patty but the winner for MOS is the chili sauce and the thing is I’m such a chili person! If I had to choose between a Freshness burger and MOS burger in front of me… I would eat both. Tihihihihi….=D

Rating :  Like It
Food   :  MOS Burger

MOS Burger
Branches around : China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand.