Gindaco is a Japanese franchise specializing in takoyaki. They have a small shop in Causeway Bay, HK which has a really long queue whenever I passed through it. Since I was still in my Kozui addiction phase, I decided to brave the queue and try out their takoyaki balls.


The octopus, diced and mixed with pickled ginger and green onion into battered balls, is fried in a special pan, then finished off with a drizzling of mayonnaise and a sprinkling of shaved dried bonito and aonori (seaweed).

Gindaco uses cast-iron griddles produced in Iwate Prefecture, a material chosen for its excellent heat conduction property. The thickness in the metal prevents a sudden drop in temperature when pouring the cold batter mixture.

The result is takoyaki balls which are crispy on the outside and thick and soft on the inside. Yummm… just how takoyaki balls should taste like!!!


The boat shaped containers for the takoyaki balls apparently has a purpose too!!! The container boats are made from Russian white pines that absorb excess oil. The plastic container has six tiny holes to prevent condensation that could make the takoyaki’s soggy.

For HKD $33, you get six big, crispy takoyaki’s that fill you up in no time. Just watch out for burning your tongue. =P

Summary : Didn’t realize that there was a lot of science behind takoyaki making but Gindaco sure has mastered the art.

Rating : Love It

Food : Takoyaki Balls of course!


Matheson St., Causeway Bay and Shantung St. Mongkok

( The Causeway Bay stall is just across Times Square )