The Silo Bakery in Canberra has established itself as a ‘must visit’ place for foodies. It is touted to be Canberra’s best bakery and the weekend crowd affirmed it. The bakery has an array of homemade breads and pastries which were selling out quickly.

Silo Bakery

Silo Bakery

The  rows of tarts on display which all looked tempting too. I settled for the raspberry tart which was good. Not too sweet and had the right balance of tanginess.
Silo Bakery Tarts

Silo Bakery Tarts

We were lucky enough to find an empty table and decided to also have lunch. Silo offers a seasonal menu and the short list looked really good. We settled for the vegetable pate trio of roast capsicum, pesto and pumpkin. Interesting pates with good bread that Silo is famous for.

Vegetable Pates

The Zarzuela was to die for. It is a tomato based seafood soup with mussels and clams and a dollop of cream on top. Perfect light lunch. I would definitely come back here again on my lazy weekends for brunch.



Rating : Love It
Food   : Zarzuela ( Silo does offer a seasonal menu so chances are this won’t be on the menu anymore )

Silo Bakery
36 Giles Street Kingston ACT 2604
Tel :    (02) 6260 6060


Its a lazy Sunday. Den and I wanted to bring Bam to Animal House to say thank you to Dr. Anthony for taking good care of Bem when he got sick. Being in the QC area, we decided to try out Kozui along Tomas Morato. Kozui is a Japanese cafe whose motto is ‘Its Healthy to go Green’ . The green motif makes you feel like you’re having something healthy and feel good about having a meal in the place.

Kozui - It’s Healthy to Go Green

Kozui cakes

The cafe has a tempting list of green tea varieties to choose from. I opted for the korichio drink since it looked the yummiest on the menu board.

Macho Melon Korichio Tall

Macho Melon Korichio Tall Php120. I went for the melon and found it really refreshing. I’m not a frappe fan since I find frappe’s too thick and fattening. Frappe’s usually make more thirsty but this was really good though. The melon made the frappe refreshing and light.

Karaage Chicken Wrap Php158

Karaage Chicken Wrap Php158 – Deef fried breaded chicken with lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber  and Japanse black sesame dressing in toasted pita bread. Very interesting  take on wraps. This was quite good. Thie chicken was crispy and the dressing was interesting. The oil used on the chicked was a bit rancid though. I could taste it when biting on the chicken. I hope they would stop reusing the oil! I would want to try the Tofu and Veggie wrap next time.

 Takoyaki Balls

I always had a love affair with samurai balls. I just can’t resist buying from any food cart which sells them in the shopping mall. There’s something about th combination of the samurai ball with japanese mayo and bonito flakes which does it for me. The Kozui Special Takoyaki Php98 is filled with chunks of ika, ebi and egi (squid, shrimp and asian leeks).  I wish the batter of the takoyaki balls be improved to make it softer and creamier though.

We really wanted to try the Anmitsu which looks like a Japanese halo-halo but we were too full. We would definitely come back to try this though. Overall, I enjoyed Kozui a lot. It’s different and an interesting concept from the coffee and tea cafe’s we have around the metro. It’s a good place if you’re looking for something light. Food selection is good and gives you a healthy feel. The extensive list of green tea beverages from iced green teas to macho’s (frappes) will also make any thirsty chap leaving satisfied.

Rating : Like It

Food : Korichio Drinks

Kozui Green Tea Cafe

258 Tomas Morato St.

Quezon City

Tel : 413-2705