Bar Santo specialises in predominantly southern Italian cuisine, known for its simplicity and freshness combined with traditional cooking methods from the north. This little Italian bar in St. Kilda has nice views of the beach if you seat al-fresco.


Calamari Fritti – Fresh Calamari rings floured and fried and served with aioli $8

Salmon Risotto

Risotto al Salmone Affumicalo $19.50

Bar Santo Fish

Pesce al Cartoccio $29

Summary : The food we had here were indeed simply cooked. Just the freshness of the produce with herbs and seasoning. The food was a bit bland though, I had to grab hold of the salt and pepper shakers to season the risotto. Calamari could definitely be improved too as the breading was a bit soggy. What I liked about the food was the lightness in preparation though. The food wasn’t covered in heavy sauces and let the simplicity of the food’s flavours speak for itself.

Rating  : Chance Visitor
Food    : Nothing I would reorder again. Try something new on the menu.

Bar Santo
7 Fitzroy St
St Kilda VIC 3182
Phone : +61 (0)3 9534-1236