This Vigan Empanada shop can be found in Tiendesitas. They also have a branch in MOA.

Vigan Empanada wrapper is made from rice flour mixed with atchuete to give it a little color. The filling is made of mixed veggies ( green papaya, monggo), longganisa and a piece of fresh egg right in the center of everything.

 Empanada making

The manangs were quite efficient with the first manang kneading the dough and the second manang spponing the filling on the dough and shaping it into an empanada.

 Empanada making

The empanada piece is dropped into the oil to deep-fry and…

 Vigan Empanada
Voila, Vigan Empanada. I had broken this piece into half. Goes really really well with native vinegar. I piled up on the chilli.

Rating : Like It

Vigan Empanada by Mac’s Deli
Tiendesitas Food Village
Tel : 6342893 / 6353152
Another branch at SM Moa