Pinkberry launched in Los Angeles last 2005 ignited the current fro-yo craze. There are now a handful of frozen yogurt shops sprouting up in Metro Manila like Yoh-gurt Froz, Cold Spoon and I Love Berries .

Another fro-yo shop which is found along Tomas Morato is Yogurbud. They also serve Yogurt salad and yogurt cakes. The yogurt salads and cakes were not available so we were only able to try the yogurt ice cream.

 Yogurbud sign

Yogurbud machine

Sberries and cornflakes yogurbud

 You can select from different toppings of fresh fruits to chocolate bits. I had strawberries and cornflakes on mine. The only other yogurt ice cream I’ve tried is Yoh-gurt Froz and Yogurbud tasted different. Yogurbud is different to Yoh-gurt Froz in the sense that it is closer to a sorbet texture and tangy while Yoh-gurt Froz is creamier with dairy notes prevalent in the taste. Yogurbud is an acquired taste as it is sour but tastes better though with every spoonful.

Rating : Like It

Grnd floor, 170 Tomas Morato Ave
cnr. Scout Castor, Qc