It’s my third day already in Bangkok and I’m feeling a bit dejected from not having authentic spicy hot tom yum yet. Wyndham is westernized Thai and Vertigo is modern fine dining food. Third on our list to try was Som Boon which is a Thai-Chinese seafood restaurant place.

Forget the ambience when you reach Som Boon. Bright fluorescent lights surround the wide open restaurant. Large aquariums fill up one side showing the bounty from the sea. English menus with pictures are presented so you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong dish.

Since there was only two of us, we quickly zeroed in on the top Thai food picks we were craving for.

  Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong Bht 180 – Placed in a hotpot style dish which continuosly heats the soup, our tom yum just made me break into a large smile….Aaahhh…. hot and sour at the same time with plenty of straw mushrooms and prawns.

 Fried Curry Crab

Fried Curry Crab Bht 220 – Somboon’s specialty of the house, I gleefully spooned curry sauce on my rice and had this with every crab piece. Yumyumyum.

 Grilled Fresh Water Prawns

Grilled Fresh Water Prawns Bht 275 – The prawns perfectly balanced all the spiciness we were having from the tom yum and curry crab.

I was getting into the rhythm of things, a few sips of tom yum…my crab with curry on rice and a biteful of the grilled prawns to cleanse everything out for the next round… what can I say, we left with tummy’s so full, happy and sated. This is definitely a place we will re-visit on future Bangkok trips.

Summary : SomBoon is a Bangkok institution for fresh and reasonably priced seafood. My favorite so far in Bangkok…. hearty, fair priced, no-frills. Can’t wait to go back.
Be careful though, as indicated in the SomBoon website, unscrupulous taxi drivers might take you to a fake SomBoon restaurant so take note of the address. Yes, it’s that popular.

Rating :  Love It
Food   :  Fried curry crab

Address and contact details on link below.
Four branches around Bangkok
SomBoon Seafood website