The Wyndham Thai website boasts of fusion cuisne of Thai flavours and Oz flair. We were eager to check out what Thai fusion was about.

 Wyndham Thai Centerpiece

The interiors itself was modern and sophisticated with contemporary paintings adorning the walls and a large golden dragon-like piece as the centerpiece.

 Wyndham Thai

The co-proprietor and host Paul Jackson warmly greeted us and helped pick out our selection from the menu.

 Wyndham appetizer plate

We started off with the appetizers :

Grilled scallop with roasted coconut and lemongrass salad on betel nut leaf, Crispy coconut prawns with a peanut and cucumber dipping sauce, Coconut crepes filled with green papaya salad topped with crab meat and a spicy dressing, Pomelo Salad with fresh thai herbs Bht 600 – The pomelo salad was very good. It had a sweetish honey dressing. Finally a pomelo salad better than People’s Palace.

 Northern style soup

Northern style soup of mushroom, crispy noodle in spicy coconut broth BHT 280 – The soup was overly rich and can already be considered as curry and not soup. We were not able to finish the soup because of it’s richness and I had the start of a sore throat.

 Duck in red curry

Duck breast stuffed with lychee, tomato and red curry PHP 590 – We ordered medium cooked duck. This was overcooked. The duck meat was not flavorful.

Summary : Wyndham Thai has been presented as receiving numerous awards and critical acclaim. I would give it five stars for the ambience, impeccable service and very very friendly host. But the food itself, although using fresh and quality ingredients is quite weak. The appetizer was good but it was downhill after that. The soup was too rich and should not be considered soup at all. The duck breast was overdone and the sauce tasted the same with the soup! The pricing is way too expensive for the cooking offered. I wanted to dearly love the place but it is difficult to from the coconut milk overload.

Rating  : One-nighter
Food    : Appetizer plate

Wyndham Thai
Grnd Floor, Somerset Lake Point
41, Sukhumvit 16, Klong Toei Bangkok
Tel : 02 258 1783