Food can be found anywhere and everywhere in Bangkok. From grilled barbecues, seafood, meatballs, ice cream, fresh fruits and fruit juice to a complete meal served on the side of the road. I love roaming the Bangkok streets and food court to get a taste of what the locals have everyday.

In the food courts :

 Thai Noodle Stall Thai noodle dish

We found this cart selling noodles at the ground floor of MBK.Fill a plate with noodles, veggies and fishballs and the lady will pour broth of your liking into the pile. Our broth was a  mixture of shrimp paste and fish sauce. Strange noodle dish.

Tom Yum Pot Tom Yum Food Court

It would be sacrilege to visit Thailand without having Tom Yum. This large pot made me break out into a sweat just by looking at it. Sadly, it wasn’t good. Watered down, not enough herbs. Learned my lesson from having my Tom Yum in the food court.

Stuffed Crabs Grilled Chicken

Stuffed Crabs and Grilled chicken ( looks like our inasal …)

Century Egg Crab Balls Salted Egg Crab Balls

Century egg and Salted egg crab balls. Nothing great about these.

Noodle stall close-up Shrimp Balls

Noodle stall. See how beautiful the veggies look displayed in the bilao. Prawn Balls

Crisp fried pork belly Oyster Omelette

Crisp fried pork belly – Thai lechon kawali version. Oyster Omelette – One of my favorites even with all the oil =D.

Mango with Sticky Rice

Mango with coconut and sticky rice. The huge bowl has 3 colors of sticky rice which you can choose from – plain, brown and pandan.