Chatuchak is not only a place for bargain hunters, it is also a bustling place filled with all sorts of Thai fruits and food.

At the Chatuchak foods stalls :

 Chatuchak strawberries 

 Pile of fresh strawberries

Assorted fruit cups

Fresh fruit cups

 Thai coconuts 

 Thai coconuts. Their juice is sweeter than Phil coconuts.  You can get Thai coconuts at the Salcedo food market for Php 30.

Coconut Ice Cream in shell

Coconut Ice cream. My favorite Thai treat. You can buy this off any ice cream vendor in the streets. Look for the shiny silver push carts just like our sorbetes carts. The ice cream is mixed with sticky rice, beans and milk.

 Luk Chup 

  Luk Chup Close-up 

 Luk Chup – Thai marzipan. Made from mung beans, sugar and fres coconut milk. Very pretty, lovely array of colors but they all taste the same (marzipan) =).

 Grilled squid stallGrilled squid

 Grilled squid. Very fresh and tender with shrimp paste and fish sauce dressing

 Chatuchak Pad Thai

 Prawn Pad Thai in Chatuchak. Prawns looked really big but the meat was actually very dry already. Air dried or refrigerated for two weeks shrimps.
Lots of tourists probably fell for this pretty trap and we were one of them! =)

Summary : Thailand has so much street food. Be adventurous. Try out anything. It’s very cheap and would range from BHT 10 – 4.0 Be sure to enjoy trying out a few which you encounter on the streets and markets. It’s the best way to have an authentic Thai experience.

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