Several new restaurants are opening up in Antel Venue Mall located along Makati Avenue. We saw Contempo right on the corner looking nice and decided to try it out. Contempo presents itself as preparing new asia cuisine. New Asian cuisine has been described as a branch of fusion involving a medley of asian ingredients and techniques but given a modernized, even Western slant in terms of presentation. This is a fair description of the Contempo menu.

Contempo is headed by Chef Booj Supe who had also been the chef de cusine in La Esquina, Splendido


Our orders :

Beef tenderloin, enoki and shitake soup

Beef tenderloin, enoki and shitake mushrooms and soba noodles in miso dashi Php 280 – Classic Japanese dashi based noodle soup. Clean flavors, lovely fresh mushrooms.

Caesar\'s salad

Duo of tofu caesar with crisp tofu croutons and warm chicken and capsicum salad in parmesan cups Php 320 – I liked Contempo’s take on the caesar salad. It tasted like a classic caesar’s salad but used interesting ingredients and presentation to achieve the result. Crisp tofu was used on the croutons and parmesan cups used instead of grated parmesan cheese. The innovativeness in the ingredients presented my usual boring ( but my favorite mind you ) Caesar salad in a new way.

Palate cleanser

Refresher – Pineapple, calamansi, mint with mandarin orange – Mojitos without the alcohol! Very very good and we in fact ordered a whole drink after this.

Tomato wrapped gindara

Tomato wrapped gindara with cilantro aioli, ginger cooked in foie gras, and three mushroom pilaf Php 980 – The tomato, gindara and mushroom pilaf matched each other beautifully. The tomato gave a nice tangy bite to the fish and the truffle infused mushroom pilaf added the depth to the dish. The chef said that the crispy ginger bits topping the fish was cooked in foie gras, but for the life of us and no matter how much we concentrated, couldn’t just get the foie gras flavor. If it was there, it was completely overpowered by the ginger.


L’opera with lemongrass and ginger, cocoa nib crisp and blackcurrant – red wine sauce Php 380 – Chocolate based cake with a ginger flavor. I couldn’t figure where the lemongrass was in the flavors.

Summary : We were happy with the food. Modern Asian food in a fine dining ambience. Consistent cooking and very nice presentation. Excellent cutlery had also been used. The main con which I had noticed throughout the meal was the pricing of the food. It was way overpriced. With the proliferation of fine dining restos which just opened this past year such as Cav, Aubergine or Purple Feet, Contempo needs to adjust its pricing to stay competitive. I felt that a lot of the mains were priced Php 200 more than other fine dining restaurants. Gindara at Php 980 is way too much especially when you really can’t see the foie gras in the dish. Php 380 for a cake….I could just shake my head in disbelief. Oh.. and they were playing Kenny G. The music needs to be updated.

Rating : Chance Visitor
Food : Gindara ( at a lower price ) and Caesar’s salad

Contempo New Asia Cuisine
Unit F101, A. Venue Mall ( in front of Aberdeen Court )
7829 Makati Avenue, Makati
Tel : 7571042