The first thing you notice when you enter Cav are the wine dispensers/ wine vending machines opposite the front door. The way it works is that you are given a microchip embedded card. Once you are ready for a glass of vino, you go over to the set of wine dispensers and insert your card. Selecting from the row of bottles displayed, you can also choose if you want a tasting, half glass or full glass portion. Place your wine glass beneath the selected dispenser to get your wine. It is a very interesting concept and any one can happily spend time to their hearts content selecting from the line-up of bottles. There are notes on top of every bottle which helps explain the wine content, origin and food the wine can be paired with.

Cav offers a prix fixe menu. A prix fix menu is simply a collection of pre-determined items presented as a multi course meal at a set price. Cav offers a 3 and 4 course meal at  P890 and P1100 respectively. You would have to add a few more hundred pesos for some pricier items such as the foie gras.

My camera died down on this restaurant trip, so I had to sadly settle with using my phone camera. It obviously didn’t do justice to the food and I didn’t even attempt to take pictures of the nice interiors.

Foie Gras Brulee and Seared

Foie Gras Brulee and Seared Foie Gras on Melon Cucumber Carpaccio, Vanilla Bean Dressing  Add Php400 – The foie gras brulee was not good. It actually seems like liver spread brulee. The taste of liver completely overpowered the smoothness which the cream should impart.  We have tried foie gras brulee in Vertigo restaurant, Bangkok. There was a balance between the foie gras and the cream on that one. I will post more on Vertigo soon. As for the seared foie gras, it was seared well but the foie gras was not of the highest quality. It’s not bad but Aubergine definitely had better foie gras.

Pistou and Sweet Corn Soup

Salmon Pastrami with Pistou and Sweet Corn Emulsion – Pistou, is a cold sauce made from cloves of garlic, fresh basil, and olive oil. The main difference of pistou from pesto is the absence of pine nuts. This is basic creamed corn soup with the subtle taste of pistou.

Lamb Trio

Variation on Lamb – Charlotte, chop and fillet with soft cheese polenta and ratatouille – The lamb chop was the best of the lamb trio. Nothing great about the charlotte and fillet.

Valrhona Cake and Strawberry Float Dessert

Valrhona chocolate souffle cake with grand marnier strawberry float – We’ve always loved Valrhona cakes and this is no exception Wasn’t impressed with the strawberry float though. It just tasted of strawberries on cream. I feel that they can do something more inventive than this.

Summary : The interiors of Cav have a modern and relaxed atmosphere which I loved. I would probably come back just to have a glass of wine with some starters because I like/ enjoy the atmosphere a lot. The food we tried wasn’t mind-blowing. It wasn’t bad either. Cav would be a place to visit to catch up with friends, mingle with people you would probably bump into as this is the new place to try out, have a sampling of wine selections from the vending machines and have passable food.

Rating : Like It
Food     : Nothing I would re-order from above. Need to try a new set of dishes.

Ground Floor, Lot 5 Quadrant 8 City City
Fort Bonifacio Taguig
Tel : 8561798