Tokyo Bubble Tea made me feel like I’m in a Japanese eatery. It was small inside and Japanese pop music was being played. It was the type of place that Japanese kids would probably hang out at in Japan. Aside from the various milk and iced teas on the menu board, they also had modern Japanese food from curry dishes, dorias ( baked rice casseroles), udons,  sandwiches and burgers. They had a counter displaying Japanese cakes such as strawberry green tea cake but the presentation wasn’t too enticing.

Tokyo Bubble Tea

 Seafood Doria

 Seafood Doria Php 188 – Creamy seafood baked pasta dish. It seems that quality was compromised for the sake of price.  The taste was nearly there but fell short.

 Strawberry Black Tea

Strawberry  Black Tea Php65 – They should have made the black tea stronger. This was a watered down version.


Royal Milk Tea Php80 – This is very good and less sweet than Quickly. There was a freshness to the drink since it’s made from freshly brewed tea. It was also light since it went through their ‘shaking’ contraption above. The pearls were also cooked just right and chewy.

Summary : This eatery gives you a glimpse on what modern Japanese food would taste like. Come here for the royal milk tea.

Rating : Chance Visitor

Food     : The drink actually, royal milk tea.

Tokyo Bubble Tea

SM Megamall Ground Level Building A &

SM North Edsa The Block Ground Level

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