I got excited when I saw Sebastian’s ice cream kiosk over at the Podium. Summer has kicked in and their ice cream flavors looked sooooo interesting and yummy! I wanted to bring home a pint and I went through their array of ice creams for free tastes =P and the ice cream lady was nice enough to let me try each one.

The Dublin Fudge made of Bailey’s ice cream was the flavor I jumped on to try. I’m such a Bailey’s fan and I don’t get much of a chance to have Bailey’s ice cream! This flavor was good and I immediately knew I wanted to bring a pint home. But waiiitttt, I haven’t even tried all the other flavors and I already settled for my pint so I went on with my quest to make sure I got the flavor I wanted best.

My favorite Haagen Dazs flavor is Macadamia so I tried this one next. I found Sebastian’s Macadamia White to be milky. The milky taste was overpowering for this flavor so I didn’t like this too much.

Chocolate chip cookie dough is their bestseller. Big globs of cookie dough for you fans out there.

I found the Butter Pecan to be a bit salty as the pecans are salted I think.

The Simply Strawberry is really good, I wouldn’t be able to differentiate it from Haagen Dazs. It has that sourness from the strawberries which balanced the flavors out.

Up All Night is another winner if you are a dark chocolate fan. Quality chocolate with choco bits in it..

In the end, I ended up buying two pints. A Dublin Fudge for myself and Up All Night for my family. And having a scoop of each tasted really great when the two flavors start melting into each other in your bowl. =D

Price List

Single Scoop Php85

Double Scoop Php 140

HandPacked Pint Php250

Sebastian’s Podium Kiosk

Summary : Sebastian’s Ice Cream is good. REALLY good. It can beat any of the other local brands in the market. It’s packed tightly and you don’t feel like you’re eating fluff and air half of the time. You can also taste the quality of the ingredients used. My only complaint though is that Sebastian’s should have handpacked pints for take-away frozen at a lower temperature. The scoop serve containers are at a temperature wherein the ice cream is a bit soft already, (which is great if I’m eating my ice cream there!) but not too great if I have an hour’s drive to get home.

Rating : Love it

Food   : It depends on  what flavor type you like.

Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio

Podium and  Alabang Town Center