The Chinese cuisine that most people all around are accustomed to is actually Cantonese style cooking. Since I was in Shanghai, I was extremely curious on how Shanghai cuisine measured up.  Compared to Cantonese cooking, Shanghai cuisine is more assertively seasoned and higher in fat content, thus generally higher in calories, but lighter and more mildly seasoned than Mandarin cuisine (excerpt from Shanghai Cuisine). Upon countless research on numerous blogs, I decided to try out Ji Shi for classic Shanghai food.

Ji Shi is a tiny two-storey restaurant which just has around 12-ish tables. It was completely full of Shanghai locals or expats who could speak fluent Chinese! They have another branch called XinJiShi which is bigger and caters for tourist but I like the authentic Shanghainese ambience of this place.

Cabbage with shredded tripe in garlic sauce

Cabbage and shredded tripe in garlic sauce RMB28 – This was served chilled. Crunchy veggies in a sour vinegar like sauce. It was extremely good and refreshing. The first time I tried out this type of flavors. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how the white cruncy veggies could be white cabbage but it is and I take their word for it.

Wine preserved chicken

Wine preserved chicken RMB32 – Drunken chicken served chilled again. Very good. Strong taste on the wine.

Fried River Shrimps

Fried River Shrimps RMB98 – One of the house specialities. Have you seen shrimps which look so tiny and so fresh? And peeled!!! I saw the neighboring table having this and pointed it out to our server to order.

Saute Shepherds Purse with shredded beancurd sheet

Saute Shepherds Purse with shredded beancurd sheet RMB18 – Shepherd’s purse is a type of green leafy which we don’t have here in Manila. Light flavored and mixed with shredded beancurd.

Shepherds Purse Crab Meat and beancurd soup

Shepherds Purse Crab Meat and beancurd soup RMB28 – I liked how they put in crab fat (the orangey glob in the middle ) which I mixed up with my soup. Gave an extra dimension to the taste.

Fish Lip and Ham with chicken soup 

Fish Lip and Ham with chicken soup RMB48 – Better of the two soups we ordered. The chicken broth was extremely flavorful. Is it because it’s double the price of the crab meat soup? Hmmm…

Summary : I loved this place. It had a hole in the wall feel and I loved the black and white photos hanging on the walls. Don’t come here for the ambience, come here for the food. Classic Shanghainese food, clean and crisp flavours. I loved everything that was served.

Rating : Loved It
Food   : Fried River Shrimps

Ji Shi
41 Tianping Lu
Shanghai, China
Tel: 6282 9260