This is the more expensive degustation menu.


Cuttlefish and wild vegetables roulade

Cuttlefish and wild vegetables roulade

Crispy sesame duck spring roll with chestnuts

Honey glazed wind dried pork liver sausage and gold coin pork loin – the sausage and pork loin are the jerky types you can buy in Bee Cheng Hang

The Mains

Shark’s fin

Stir fried shark’s fin and bamboo shoots with scrambled eggs, fresh mushrooms, salted pork soup – The scrambled eggs completely overpowered the sharks fin. I couldn’t taste the sharks fin at all. The salted pork soup was fresh and clear.

Pan seared king prawns

Pan seared king prawn in fresh chives juice served with sweet corn pancakes – I liked the corn pancakes. They were crunchy and sweet at the same time. The prawns were nicely seared. It was soft on the inside and had a nice burnt texture on the outside.

Spare Ribs

Twice-cooked spare ribs with roasted garlic, sugar cane spun candy – Nothing great about this dish.

Hot and Sour fish tofu broth

Hot and sour minced fish tofu broth with hand spun spinach noodles – Chinese version of tom yum. Nice and sour bite but nothing great.

The Sweets


Almond and snow fungus papaya pudding, served with millet mousse cake – The clean taste of the pudding matched well with the millet mousse cake. The mousse cake had a grainy and creamy taste which was really good.

RMB 588 per person

Summary : Whampoa Club is an experience. The venue is stunning, and the Chinese food like you have never experienced. Fresh, creative, elegantly presented. Very good food but not exceptional food. However, well worth the time of any food obsessed person visiting Shanghai.

Rating : Love it
Food : Shanghai style braised pork

Whampoa Club
3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Rd (Fifth Floor, Three on the Bund)
Shanghai, 200002
Tel : +86 21 6329 1003

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