The Chef – excerpt from Three on the Bund – Whampoa Club

“Founding Chef Jereme Leung, started his career in Hong Kong at the tender age of
13, he has since worked his way up to be one of the most prominent Chinese chefs
in the international market, renowned for his immense talent and creativity.
Chef Leung was awarded the Five Star Diamond Award as one of the “World’s Best
Chefs 1999 “ from the American Academy of Hospitality Science. He was also the
recipient of the prestigious Hennessy X.O. Culinary Award in association with the
Peak magazine Malaysia that recognizes chefs from five-six star hotels in Malaysia for
their creativity in developing gourmet culinary trends.
In 2001, he was voted the “Rising Chef of the Year” by the world Gourmet Summit
Awards of Excellence”. Chef Leung, probably one of the youngest master chef in
Asia, has contributed to the success of more than eight Chinese restaurants in
Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Prior to joining Three on the Bund,
he was executive chef for Jiang Nan Chun, flagship restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel
in Singapore.

Chef Leung now heads up the team at Whampoa Club, Three on the Bund,
introducing his own contemporary interpretation of Shanghainese cuisine, using only
the finest ingredients and presenting in a modern and clean style.”

The Restaurant


Whampoa Club is located at 3 Bund Street. Entering the main door, it has distinguished neighbors such as Emporio Armani and Hugo Boss at the ground floor. Taking the lift to the 5th floor, we were welcomed in a small reception area and after confirming our reservation, were led inside. The hallway was very very impressive. Inlaid panels lined up the long hallway with a magnificent chandelier reaching from ceiling to the ground at the end.

 The Menu

My mom and I opted for the two kinds of degustation menu. Part I  shows the cheaper menu of the two. Enjoy!

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche



Cherry radish pickled with crispy anchovy

Crispy sesame duck spring roll with chestnuts – I love taro duck. This was an interesting variation. Having duck with mashed chestnuts. The chestnuts gave a sweeter taste than taro.

Marinated wild mushrooms with mineral tofu

Chef’s Mains

Lobster Soup

Lobster soup with fresh lily bulbs and “Ji Cai” vegetables – Fresh and clear with lobster taste in the soup.

Braised Pork

Shanghai style braised pork in Chinese spices, served with spinach mantou sticks – Perfect balance between the soy and sugar. The braised pork literally falls apart on the fork. I loved how the mantou bread looked like a breadstick and it’s deep fried crunchiness.

Five-spiced lamb chop

Five-spiced lamb chop served with duo of jasmine and wild rice – Nothing great with this dish.


Chocolate Oatmeal Pudding

Home-made banana sorbet and chocolate oatmeal pudding – The banana sorbet gives a nice flavor to the chocolate oatmeal pudding. This was comfort food and I finished the whole plate up.

RMB 488 per person