It’s my first visit to Fat Michael’s. I know, how could I have missed this much talked about place for years. It’s just that every time I come up with the suggestion of visiting Fat Michael’s, my companions would have another excellent suggestion which overrules mine as the place is a bit out of the way.

Fat Michael’s is located along Bangkal Street Makati which is a residential area. The restaurant itself is a house which has been converted. Stepping inside, the house is eclectically charming. Ornaments, bric-a-bracs in such a small space with warm yellow light bathing the place.

Written on the menu, ‘We cook slow, live with it” gave me an indication of the general philosophy of the place. I have heard a lot of feedback about the place, some good and some bad that the place has constantly piqued my interest through the years. I heard horror stories of how the owners could be so rude but from my experience, I would describe it as abrupt and straightforward and I could understand where other people might take offense. I didn’t have problems with it.

Squid Salad

Squid Salad – The squid was nicely cooked and not overdone. The balsamic vinaigrette gave a nice bite to the salad.

Pizza with Kesong Puti and Tomatoes

Pizza with Kesong Puti and Tomatoes – The crust of the pizza is thin, not Italian thin but more home-made thin. The thickly cut tomatoes were juicy and the kesong puti (goat’s cheese ) gave the pizza it’s creamy flavor. I liked it.

Summary : Fat Michael’s is a nice place to hang out in with friends for a laid back night. The food has the taste of good home-style cooking. Make sure to call in for reservations though as the place can only seat 20+ people.

Rating : Chance Visitor
Food   : Pizza with Kesong Puti and Tomatoes

Fat Michael’s
115-A Rodriguez Avenue  cor Gen. Lacu
Bangkal , Makati City
Tel : 843 1953