With the love affair I’m currently having with Kozui Anmitsu, I just have to post a picture of the Kozui Anmitsu Php150. I have had it four times in two weeks and believe me, I live far from Quezon City!  I drive all the way just to have my Anmitsu fix. Anmitsu is basically Japanese Halo-halo and you can have strawberry, mango, taro or melon. I have ordered Melon Anmitsu for the past four times. The melon anmitsu has melon slices, yam (which I totally love!), dango balls ( better version of galapong), pink mashed azuki beans and topped with really really good soft serve green tea ice cream.

Melon Anmitsu

Rating : Love It ( the Anmitsu)

258 Tomas Morato St.
Quezon City
Tel: 413-2705