Valentine’s Day. Den and I had agreed that Valentine’s day gets too crowded in the evenings. By the time you go through all the traffic and jostled your way into the crowded restaurants, the enjoyment of the night has ebbed away already. We decided to do lunch instead and Den surprised me by bringing me to Purple Feet. I haven’t heard of the place yet previously and it was such a pleasant surprise to discover a new place which looks like a cafe from the Napa or Hunter vineyards. Purple feet is run by Chef Marco and a group of chefs originally from Sofitel Hotel.

Purple Feet Menu Board

Purple Feet by Chef Marco

Shellfish Bisque

Shellfish bisque with Ginseng and Uni foam – I liked the bisque. I can distinctly taste the seafood. This is definitely not a watered down version of a bisque. It was thick and rich and a nice bread roll would go well with this soup.

Mixed Salad

Mixed mesclun with asiago, pandano cheese and caviar. Served with passion fruit mango dressing – Nice presentation on the salad. Mixing in rose petals was an interesting touch. I never had rose petals before! They tasted like rose petals btw =).

Scallops and Prawns

Pan Seared Scallops & Prawn on wild mushroom molded spuds with Armoricaine Absinthe dressing and caviar – The scallops and prawns were nicely done. The spuds were interesting. I didn’t pick up immediately that they were potatoes since they had a different texture to it. Nice but I was looking for a more mushroomy flavor on the spuds though.

Oyster Palate served five ways I can’t find my picture on this! I remember the oysters prepared with an Asian influence. There was soy sauce on one, wasabi on another and a fresh one. Nothing mind blowing which is why I probably don’t remember this.


Honey Lemon Mint Champagne Sorbet

Beef Tenderloin

Tenderloin of beef wrapped in Pancetta served with Foie gras, Uni Risotto and a rich Truffle Foie gras sause – This is a winner. The sauce on the beef is made of foie gras, truffles and porcini mushroom giving the sauce it’s rich and full flavor.

Rack of lamb

Rack of lamb on strawberry truffle chutney and uni risotto – The strawberry chutney gave a nice tangy bite to the lamb. The lamb was perfectly cooked, tender and not overdone. The uni risotto was a bit undercooked though.

Trio of chocolate 

Trio of chocolate : Strawberries coated with nutino, Molten dark chocolate cake, Port dipped dark chocolate truffle – I literally closed my eyes after having my first bite of the molten dark chocolate cake. The cake had a crispy shell with a soft inside and molten chocolate in the middle. The chocolate just rolled off my tongue. The dessert trio were heaveny and the perfect way to cap off a good meal.

Flat White Coffee

Coffee – By far the best flat white I had in the metro. Vittoria beans is used and the coffee is strong, full-bodies and full of arome. I would go to Purple Feet anytime just to have a cuppa!

Summary – Purple Feet is such an enjoyable place to go to. I like the laidback charm accompanied by quality food. It would probably have one of the most extensive wine list in the metro having wine depot as its cellar! I thought my meal was value for money. For Php 1,900 I had an excellent 7-course meal which came with wine pairings for every course! This meal would probably cost Php 3,500 in another place. I’m definitely coming back.

Ratine – Love It
Food – Tenderloin of Beef with Foie Gras Sauce

Wine Depot
Reposo Street
Makati City