The whole family trooped to Yohgurt Froz after our Nasi Lemak dinner. Nasi Lemak had run out of desserts! I guess it was a much more busier night than usual. Yohgurt Froz has a small standalone store in the middle of the parking lot. Off we went just to get our sugar fix.


You have to choose among the selections of fruits and chocolates on what to mix with the basic vanilla yohgurt. I chose good ol’ stratwberry. No expectations whatsoever on how their ice cream tasted like. Oh sorry, Yohgurt i mean! And it’s really good. It was light and tasted of strawberries. I had my sugar fix without all the guilt that of ice cream laden with calories. We’ve tried cookies and cream, coconut and melon too. A small cup costs Php50 and the big cup costs Php80.

Yoh-gurt Froz                                                                                                                         

Thompson Square, Tomas Morato

Quezon City