La Cabane Chill-Out Area

French countryside ambience in Boracay. Chill-out lounge  for cocktails drinks on Friday nights. That’s what La Cabane came across as. And it’s just along Pasay Road.

La Cabane Wine Nook

We wanted a quick light lunch as it’s a weekday so we couldn’t eat much. We had a soup and an entree to share. Light enough so that we don’t fall asleep going back to the office. There was complimentary bread which I loved. Its brown crusty bread and was good accompaniment for the terrine, soup and stew.


Terrine – I liked how they made terrine. It was chunky and not processed thoroughly.

Onion Soup

Onion Soup – Good onion soup. Balanced flavors.

Lamb Stew and Couscous

Lamb Stew and Couscous- This is a light stew. A bit on the watery side. I was thinking it would be thicker but still they way it was made was quite good. It had that bite of spicyness to balance the stew.

La Cabane is affordable french food without scrimping on the quality. The place is done nicely and had this french beachy theme on it down to how the tables, plates and napkin holders matched. The cutlery are also of the good kind. The owners of the place, French guy and Filipina wife who is also the chef has done a nice job with the place.

La Cabane

1020 A. Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Road)

Makati City

Tel : 844 0377