Kueh Pai Ti  Poh Piah  Pomelo Salad  Bakwan Kepiting  Bah Kut Teh  Honey Glazed Port Spare Ribs  Shrimp Paste Chicken  Oatmeal Prawns  Kangkong Belachan  Char Kway Teow  Nasi Goreng  Mango Pudding 

     1) Kueh Pai Ti 5 pcs Php 170  Prawns, root vegetables.  Chinese  lumpia in a crispy shell.

2)  Bakwan Kepiting Php150    Pork and crabmeat ball soup. Clear refreshing soup but the meatballs are too constarchy which makes them soggy and not chewy.

3)   Bah Kut Teh Php220 – Light herbal pork soup. Really Good! Full of flavors from all the ingredients put in the soup. Order this.

4) Honey Glazed Pork Spare Ribs Php 280 – Specialty of the house. Very good. Don’t miss this. Meat is really tender and flavorful. Comes right off the bone.

5) Hainanese Chicken Php 250  – All time Singapore favorite. Comes complete with authentic condiments. I’m looking for more flavor in the chicken and the rice though.

6) Oatmeal Prawns Php400 – Nothing special about this. Falls short of authentic Singpaore oatmeal prawns

7) Nasi Goreng Php180 – Mix of ingredients in the fried rice is good. I liked this.

8) Shrimp Paste Chicken Php250 – Normal crispy chicken if you are looking for this.

9) Char Kway Teow Php180 – The chef overdid the kecap manis on this. Presentation doesnt look attractive because of the dark color. The noodles were also overdone.

This is our third time in Nasi Lemak. We immensely enjoyed our first two visits. I guess with two people having a meal, it’s easy to just pick our favorites from the menu. On our third time, there were ten of us!!! Which was good since we are able to try out most of the Singaporean dishes on the menu. I guess with more items to order, the probability of ‘misses’  on the food ordered would be higher.

Rating : Chance Visitor
Food : Honey Glazed Pork Spare Ribs
Nasi Lemak
Unit C3 Thompson’s Square
165 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. A. Roces Ave., QC 
Tel: 3766108